about us

Started by Amber Reyngoudt and Dave Peck, our mission is to build beautiful, engaging mobile apps that people love and want to use. We have been developing Web and iOS apps for over 15 years. We build products for ourselves and collaborate with world class entrepreneurs and start-ups to build elegant and innovative software applications.

We engineer quality iOS apps quickly, while maximizing performance, stability, and user interface to provide a first-class experience for our customers. Proficient in Swift and Objective-C, and experienced with many 3rd party and open source libraries. We will assist on wire-framing concepts as well as consult on the user experience on both new and existing mobile apps.

Specializing in responsive web development using SASS, Bootstrap, and other modern browser technologies, we can implement any web design as well as adapt it for mobile and tablets. We have extensive experience with advanced client side javascript and CSS animations. Great care is utilized to adapt designs for different network conditions as well as older client browsers.

Experienced in Java, Python, NodeJS, Swift, SQL, Generative AI and many other technologies. We can adapt to your environment or select the appropriate development tools for your server solution. We will integrate with external APIs and provide social network integrations as needed. We will outline analytics tracking requirements and integrate systems into the best available analytic platforms for Mobile and Web.